Your Honor,

I respectfully acknowledge that I am currently $9,000 behind in child
support payments. However, I have consistently paid approximately
$2,000 over the past year despite significant challenges to my
visitation rights and employment.

I am not a deadbeat dad. In fact, in June 2022, I had to petition the
court to enforce my visitation rights with my children. Despite being
awarded every other weekend visitation in October 2022, I was already
thousands behind in child support.

In March 2023, I began working at a trash removal company to meet my
financial obligations. However, I stopped working in August 2023 when
Jennifer unexpectedly returned my step-daughter, Ava, to my care after
three years of separation. This transition was emotionally challenging
for everyone involved, and I prioritized focusing on Ava’s
reintegration into our family. During this
time, I took on various odd jobs and utilized online platforms like
Craigslist. In February 2024, I resumed working at the same trash
removal company.

In March 2024, Jennifer withheld the children from me for six weeks,
in direct violation of our court order. She then filed a petition with
the court containing false allegations against me. This not only
prevented me from exercising my court-ordered visitation but also
caused me significant emotional distress.

Jennifer and I are currently in the trial stage of a family court
case. My attorney is filing six violations against Jennifer for her
actions, and we are seeking a modification of child custody.

I want to assure the court that I am deeply involved in my children’s
lives. I have purchased their school clothes, supplies, and Halloween
costumes this year. We have visited Great Escape approximately ten
times in the last year and around 50 times over the past ten years.I
brought them to Open House, Parent Teacher conferences and their
concerts where I bring them flowers every-time.

I respectfully request that the court consider waiving the arrears
accrued between June 2022 and November 2022, as well as March 2024,
when Jennifer interfered with my visitation rights and communication
with the children. Her alienation tactics have severely impacted my
life. I am committed to resuming consistent employment once our family
court trial concludes.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Lorenzo Varas de Valdes